Welcome to our bequem blog of classical and electronic music!*

It seems, musicians and instruments expire in process of time, but the music is eternal.
These tracks were made by us with Modplug Tracker software, including implementation of original source code of great classical composers.

We will be glad to see you at our discoteque. Catch the best rhytm of any times)


Demyan & Igogoque

(The Partyphones Labs.)

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The Partyphones random tracks (click for more):

Bach Air Aria

Bach French suite No5 Bourree

Beethoven - Sonata 1

W.A.Mozart Piano Rondo KV 5...

Mozart Clarinet Concerto Al...

P.Tchaikovsky (Nutcracker p...

Chopin - Prelude 13

F.Chopin arrangement Etude ...

Bach DWK-2 Prelude N3 in C#

Bach DWK-1 Fuga N5 in D

Tchaikovsky - January

J.Haydn - Serenade (String...

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