Are you lazy to create your online store? We'll do it for you!

If you don't want to create online store yourself, we can do it for your! Send us your price list and products catalog, and we'll develope for you the online store similarly our demo absolutely free. Let us know your email, postal address of your shop and we'll to promote your website in social networks absolutely free.

We'll informing you about new orders by email. You'll get new customers absolutely free. Your goal is only processing of orders. Our profit will consists of 3% fee per each commited order. You will have to pay sum of fee once at month in USD via PayPal payment system from your personal area at our website.

In the personal area, at page User websites you can see payment button and your debt information. (pic.1) Click this one and you will get an ablilty to pay all debt sum. Also, we'll send email notifications to you with each order, where debt sum will be displayed. You have to pay once per month before checkpoint date (is displayed in each notification), else your website will be temporarily suspended while we are waiting for your payment.

Do you want to become a lazy member? Please, register your trial website owner account (or sign in) and choose lazy tariff from our offers. Your account will be upgraded automatically. Please, follow recommendations, if you want to create online store website yourself, or send us your products catalog (any kind of list, preferably Microsoft Excel), and we'll develope your online store website absolutely free!


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