Our tariff plans

Trial (and Standard) - You pay $0 at first month and $1 at each next month. You create online store yourself and load data by our 3 steps. You have 5 MB space for images, 30 categories and 30 products in your storage with full abilities of our demo web shop. You can share your products in social networks, manage comments for you products, manage your uploaded categories and products, rename main menu items, change your website logo. Trial user can create only one website. Trial (standard) account will be created when you register at our website and may be upgraded to Privileged any time. Also, Trial (standard) account could be free converted in Lazy any time.

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Privileged - You pay $3 at first and each next month. You have 50 MB for images and until 200 categories and 200 products. You create online store yourself and load data by our 3 steps. You are getting full abilities of our demo web shop, and can add and edit new pages and menus for your website (change design). Privileged user can create three different websites. You can upgrade your trial account to privileged. Privileged account could be free converted in Lazy any time.

Lazy (most benefit) - You provide us a list with your all products (any kind of list) and we'll develop your online store like a our demo web shop absolutely free. But we'll supports this online store for 3% proceeds per each order. Support is consists of loading data to your online store, hosting, promotion in social networks, notifying orders (we'll send messages about orders to your administrators) etc. We'll take all website administration. Your goal is selling your products by our messages about your orders. Learn more about Lazy mode...

Feel free to contact us about all questions by email or question-answer chat.

Comparative characteristics:

Index/Plan Trial and Standard Privileged and Lazy
Products per store 30 over 200
Images space 5 MB 50 MB
Addition pages and menus No Yes
Maximum websites count 1 3
Comments per product 10 50

We also provide additional one-time services:

  • Custom content - You can change typical content of your online store template not independently, but with our help. You'll provide us custom menu list (vertical and horizontal), pages list and content these pages. We'll tune your online store according changes lists. Cost is discussing individually.
  • Custom payment system - You can adding untypical payment system button for processing your buyers orders. The cost of this service is discussing with the customer individually.