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The most effective way to tell customers about your store is to promote your products in social networks. Our online store template provides this possibility, you can share both the home page of your website and the products individually, selecting the necessary hashtags or keywords. However, there are several others ways to improve the position of your online store in the list of search engines. After uploading products and images, you can add your new website to search engines likes Google Search Console, Bing Webmaster etc. The basic principles of Google's search engine optimization are already implemented in our store template, you just need:

  • Add sitemap.txt to search engines for indexing pages of your online store.
  • Come up with a good description of your webshop for attraction its customers by search keywords.

After upload products and add necessary pages or menus, you may create sitemap.txt file of your webshop. This file contain all valid links of your website, which would you like indexing with search engines. When you entering in online store management system (as described at Webshop creation - Step 1), you can see website edit form (pic.1). There you can edit your online store title and description, wich will be displayed in search list results. Click Refresh sitemap button, and sitemap.txt will be recreated with considering last changes of website pages (according to pages management documentation) and located to

http(s)://{root domain}/{your web folder}/sitemap.txt

(at pic.1 - http://partyphones.org/demo/sitemap.txt).
You can point this file to Google Search Console (or others search engines, like Bing), and these bots will indexing your pages.

Also important to make description of your website with specific business and (or) geographic characteristics. If you have unique business (not have many competitors), it will be easily to made. Otherwise, you must specify basically geographic location (if need) and also key phrases, which describe your company, using tools likes Google Trends. These tools show by search query (keyword sets) how popular it is with the audience. Selecting popular keywords for the title or description of your website, you can to improve the store's position in search results.

Website settings allows set up your Google Analytics identifier. When you'll set this setting, you'll get access and abilities to implement your website optimization via this analytic service .


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