Welcome to demo whisky shop!

We are glad to see you in our demo online store! It may seem interesting to you both as a buyer (guest) and as an seller (online store owner).

What can you as a buyer?

When you register as a buyer (guest), you get usable cart and context search engine by all products, categories and pages of online store, sort products by different criterias and comment them. There are two payment abilities by default in our typical online stores - cash and PayPal. But, we'll add any payment buttons as seller wish.

What can you as an seller?

You can upload products data from simple CSV (MS Excel) files, and change description and others properties of your products later, via content management system (CMS), using full HTML abilities. Also, your online store will have sales tracking system, comments management and social networks share abilities, tuning products page view, etc.

Welcome to virtual shopping! Please give your comment and suggestions in our chat.