Step 1: Creating your empty online store

1) After registration/login click Welcome, user! button as displayed at pic.1. You'll enter into User Personal Area, where you can

  • Change personal registration data at page User profile. This requisites will be displayed at your website contact page.
  • Manage your online stores at page User websites.
  • Set or change your password at page User password (Strongly recommended do that immediately). By default user password is empty.

Choose page User websites and click My web shops button.

2) Empty websites list will be displayed. Click Add new website to adding your online store. Trial user can create only one website.
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3) Enter required fields:

  • Website name - short name of your website for website list.
  • Website folder - Important part of URL. Website example on this picture has URL http(s)://partyphones.org/demo.
  • Website title - Title of your website. This field will be displayed on main page and in meta tags for indexing.
  • Website description - Description of your website. This text will be displayed on main page and in meta tags for indexing.

Rating of your website in search engines will largely depend on how you fill website title and website description. Briefly describe the nature of your business and the benefits of your products (approximately 160 simbols in description).

Click Submit and your empty online store will be created!
Now you can go to Step 2 of 3.


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