Step 3: Tune your website

1) If you correctly finished Step 2, then your web store already contain products structure (categories) and products. If you upload images filenames with categories and products, you need upload images into your store. Choose Manage website image files in website management panel (as shown at picture) and upload zip-archive with your image files. Unzipping will be launch automatically. Supported file extensions is *.jpg, *.png, *.bmp, *.ico. For trial users accounts file size has limit only 1 MB. On this page you can view and delete uploaded images. If you want upload more images into same whole size, rearrange your each image with low quality/size.

2) For fast starting your website, you need also tune some website settings. Choose Manage settings as shown, and enter necessary values for:

  • Website title image - Image, which will be displayed as your online store logo. By default - yourlabel.png. You can change your logo as you wish.
  • Website currency abbrevation - USD, EUR etc. Dependent currency symbol will be displayed with price at product pages.
  • Sender email - This email will be dsplayed in mail to your customers
  • Notice about orders to email - Send notice email to you, if customer create order (Yes = 1, No = 0).
Descriptions for all others settings you can find in documentation of our website management system, and change default values, if need.

3) Congratulations! Your trial online store is tuned and ready to use! Approximate view of your webshop main page is displayed at pic.3. Your trial account allows to change default design of your main page via content management system (CMS), how described in documentation (menu Pages), promote your webshop in social networks etc.
If you have privileged account, you can add and edit new pages and menus, i.e you have own full-functioned website with online store
Also you can learn more about our privileged accounts facilities


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